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Bus driver caught on dash-cam using abusive hand gestures to motorist

A bus driver has been caught on dash-cam using abusive hand gestures after nearly causing a crash



The driver who nearly crashed due to a bus letting vehicles out of a junction on to a busy two lane road has today been snapped by a dash cam using hand gestures as he passed the motorist.


It’s understood the motorist was traveling North along Fratton Road passing the junction of Hanway Road, Buckland as the Road splits into two lanes, the motorist was traveling on the outside lane when a taxi pulled out in front of him nearly causing a collision.

He then continued to the traffic lights at New Road where he was stationary waiting at traffic lights when the bus passed, the driver is then seen to use a hand gesture out of the window of the bus to the driver of the car.

After speaking with the motorist he said:  

“Not only is this unprofessional it is extremely rude, I couldn’t see any cars till the last minute due to the size of the bus the driver could of caused a serious accident.”


“I have since submitted the footage and screen captures of the driver to Stagecoach and hope that the driver receives some sort of disaplinary for this incident.” 


“It’s a regular occurrence on the roads these days and feel that the company do not take the actions of their drivers seriously, with such a big company drivers should act in a professional manner to uphold the reputation of the company in question and not be rude like this.”


Stagecoach have been approached for comment to this incident.