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Children rescued by lifeboat crew after getting into difficulties in Langstone Harbour

A warning goes out to parents today after three children got into difficulties in Langstone Harbour sparking water rescue 


Portsmouth CRT and Portsmouth inshore lifeboat were dispatched after reports of someone in difficulty in Langstone Harbour shortly after 7.00pm.

Two lifeboats were launched in search of the persons who conducted a search around Langstone Harbour, two further Portsmouth CRT land units with 4 crew members did a land search close to Locks Sailing Club, Eastney.

A witness to the incident said: “There were three young boys that went out on a dinghy they are often down here, they are very polite young boys but have no life jackets or any safety equipment so could be very dangerous.


It’s quite worrying that they have got into difficulties whilst out in the dingy, hopefully they are ok and none of them are injured.”


With the summer holiday’s approaching fast a warning to parents to check the following information,  so you can ensure your children are safe and know the dangers of the sea.


Always read the warning signs so you have an understanding of the area.


There are often strong currents and tides can make things deceptive and people can find themselves getting into trouble.


Despite the weather, the actual sea temperature is still very cold so anyone who decides to jump into the water may get a shock when they hit the water.


Do not let children use inflatable dinghies without supervision.


Always wear life jackets.

Any further information can be found on the RNLI website or HM Coastguard website.


The children were later rescued from the dinghy following an extensive search by lifeboats, they were later taken to sure and checked over by paramedics from South Central Ambulance Service.