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Homes evacuated after devastating blaze destroys Gosport bungalow

Neighbours rushed to help frightened pensioners after a devastating blaze destroyed a bungalow. The call came in after a local carer reported seeing smoke coming from a property nearby. When firefighters arrived at the mid-terrace bungalow the roof was fully engulfed in fire. No one was inside. Crews wearing breathing apparatus also investigated the surrounding properties to stop the risk of fire spread. Elderly residents living at properties, in Aspengrove, had to evacuate after the inferno engulfed one of the properties this evening. The blaze required a major response from emergency services, with fire crews from Southsea, Cosham, Fareham, Gosport and Portchester being mobilised to the bungalow at 04:42 pm today.

Unfortunately, the bungalow was destroyed before firefighters could tackle the blaze. Fortunately despite the speed of the blaze, fire crews have now confirmed that nobody was injured. A spokeswoman from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said: ‘All persons have been accounted for” Nearby residents in streets pulled together to help their neighbours, with some bringing cups of tea and others helping the evacuees get in touch with the families.

A stop call was received at 5:45 pm.