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Increase of auditors attending Metropolitan Police stations since special measures were introduced this year

A surge in members of the public creating auditing channels on YouTube has happened since the Metropolitan Police were placed in special measures

What is an auditor ? Auditors are members of the public who are very well versed on codes of practice, laws, acts and statutes along with force policy’s videos show a lot of negative interactions with the police as officers breach policy’s and abuse there powers.


A number of videos seen online show officers manhandling persons who are seen videoing police stations, some interactions have been seen to show police using section 43 of the terrorism act for unlawful detainment after abusing stop and search powers on innocent members of the public. There have also been further videos where people have been assaulted by police and placed in cuffs, before police attempt to ascertain why they are recording or taking pictures in public.

A fairly new video here shows a brief encounter with an officer who was attempting too antagonise a lawful activity.


This has resulted in a surge of civil claims being paid out by the police for injuries, damages to property, unlawful detainment and compensation for unwarranted assaults, Metropolitan police were placed in special measures after a letter was sent by Matt Parr, from the inspectorate, it sets out the full reasons to place the Metropolitan in special measures, which is officially called “engage”. It was sent to Sir Stephen House, acting commissioner of the Met after.


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