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Man receives community order in connection with several shoplifting offences in Portsmouth

A 37-year-old man from Portsmouth has received a 12-month community order after being found guilty of six counts of theft from a shop


Billy-Joe Thorn, of Velder Avenue, appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates Court on Friday (11 February) where he was found guilty of six offences, which took place between 23rd November 2021 and 16th January 2022 at the Co-op stores on Elm Grove and Fawcett Road. 


As well as the community order, he was ordered to undertake drug rehabilitation activity. 


Portsmouth South Inspector Louise Tester said: “Our officers and police investigators will always seek to bring those to justice for the crimes that they have committed, supported by the recommended outcomes of the court. 


“We will always do our best to signpost suspects to support services, of which there are many in the city. These services help and support a huge number of people to become contributing members of society or simply the best version of themselves that they can be. For a small minority, support is not enough and prosecution is the only option.


“We are hopeful that Billy-Joe Thorn will now receive the relevant support by local commissioned services to rehabilitate him, educate him and work with him to ensure that he does not commit further offences in the future.”