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One arrested after police use Tactical Pursuit And Containment strategy in armed stop

A number of armed police officers in unmarked cars have stopped a vehicle in Waterlooville.

It’s understood that a Ford S-Max was travelling around the roundabout in Waterlooville, close to Asda when a number of unmarked cars with armed officers made a stop on the vehicle.

Armed officers quickly surrounded the male occupant after using a TPAC manoeuvre to make the stop.

A motorist travelling behind the car said: “I was in total shock you saw a load of blue lights on and officers jumping out with guns drawn shouting at the male to get out the car, they asked the male to put his hands on his head whilst they pointed guns at his head and then quickly arrested him”

“They quickly put the male in cuffs placed him into a police vehicle and drove off as nothing had happened I was in total shock”

The incident that happened shortly after 09.35 am and briefly brought traffic to a standstill with a number of drivers having to make an emergency stop after the swift action of the police.

Hampshire Constabulary has been approached for comment more to follow.