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Poor driving behaviours on the Isle of Wight targeted in weekend operation

This weekend, the Isle of Wight’s dual capability Roads Policing and Armed Response Vehicle teams (RP/ARV) were joined by mainland Roads Policing Unit (RPU) colleagues as part of a proactive operation on the Island targeting poor driving behaviours.


Activity was carried out across both Saturday 22 January and Sunday 23 January with a number of notable actions taken against drivers flouting the law.


On Saturday, 26 tickets were issued to motorists for a number of road-related offences as follows:


10 tickets for speeding

2 tickets for illegal number plates

1 ticket for an incorrectly fitted breakaway cable

4 tickets issued to drivers who weren’t wearing seatbelts

1 ticket issued for driving without a licence

1 ticket issued for a vehicle which was not roadworthy

1 ticket issued for an untaxed vehicle

2 tickets issued to uninsured vehicles

1 ticket issued to a vehicle with an insecure load

1 ticket for a vehicle parked on zig zags at a pelican crossing

2 tickets for cars using altered exhausts


In addition, the teams also assisted at the site of a collision involving a tractor.

On Sunday, a further 23 tickets were issued to drivers for the following offences:

2 tickets issued to drivers not wearing seatbelts

1 ticket issued for an uninsured vehicle

1 ticket issued to a motorcyclist with a tinted visor

19 tickets issued for speeding, including one driver prosecuted for driving almost double the speed limit

A 22-year-old man was also arrested in St Georges Way, Newport, that afternoon on suspicion of drug driving. He has been released but remains under investigation while enquiries continue.

Later on Sunday evening, at around 9pm, officers came across a vehicle in a hedge along Quarr Abbey Lane. The driver was subsequently arrested and charged. Beverley Morris, aged 31, of Wilton Park Road in Shanklin was charged with drink driving and was bailed to appear at Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court on 11 February.

All of the behaviours which resulted in tickets had every potential to put lives at risk. Enforcement addresses these behaviours and stops dangerous road users in their tracks, however educating the public around the consequences of poor driving habits is also key to keeping road users safe.

Police regularly conduct campaigns relating to the ‘Fatal Four’ driving behaviours that put motorists at risk of serious and fatal collision – these are drink/drug driving, speeding, driving without a seatbelt and driving whilst using a mobile phone.

It is important that police highlight these risks to the public and engage with road users. Teams across the weekend interacted with a number of members of the public on the Isle of Wight, all of whom were supportive of the policing work being undertaken on the roads.

Following the weekend’s activity, District Commander for the Isle of Wight, Superintendent Jim Pegler, said: “The policing of dangerous and poor standards of driving, committed by motorists on the Isle of Wight road network, is something that I will continue to focus on to improve safety for road users.

“I am pleased that we have been able to take action against people who have failed to meet the required standards of safety on our roads.

“If you are driving a vehicle on the Isle of Wight, my strong advice is that you pay attention to the condition of your vehicle, have the required documentation and drive carefully with consideration for other road users.

“Choosing not to do so can have serious consequences and puts lives in danger, including your own. It is not worth the risk.”