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Warning to householders who may fall victim to bogus rubbish clearance

Please be aware when using companies for work or rubbish clearance, the following video shows where your waste could end up.

By law, it is the householder who is responsible for making sure their waste is disposed of safely and legally.

When fly tipping occurs, it is often carried out by illegal waste carriers who promise to take your waste away for a bargain fee but then dump it.

If the waste is dumped illegally, the waste could be traced back to you rather the person who dumped it and you would be held responsible.

Under new legislation in January 2014, the law for the carriage of waste changed in the UK. In short, if you transport waste of any kind, you are legally required to register as a waste carrier, even if it’s only in small quantities.

If you fail to do so, you could be faced with fines of up to £5,000!

Please dont overlook bogus companies, always check they have the relevant paperwork before agreeing to pay to clear your rubbish.