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Drivers speeding in excess of 130mph among issues dealt with by police during Hampshire car meet

Last night (Saturday 29 January) police responded to a number of issues, including excessive speeding offences, linked to a car meet in the south of the county


50 vehicles initially met at Rownham’s services before travelling to ASDA in Havant via the M27 and A27. The group then moved onto Sainsbury’s in Farlington where it is estimated that the numbers swelled to in excess of 400 vehicles, and with more than 1500 people congregating.


Police want to be clear that we recognise the majority of car enthusiasts are law abiding people who are passionate about their vehicles and want to come together as a community to display them.


However, these events are unauthorised and un-licenced, and at previous meets a minority of attendees have displayed anti-social behaviour, including noise nuisance and driving at excessive and dangerous speeds. This has caused disruption and disturbance to residents and presents an unacceptable risk to public safety.


During last night’s meet, there were unfortunately some individuals who demonstrated poor and dangerous behaviour, and police took the following action:


2 vehicles stopped who were sighted racing on the A27 at speeds in excess of 130mph – one of these drivers was then arrested on suspicion of drug driving2 drivers reported for careless driving2 people issued s59 warnings, meaning police can seize their vehicles if they continue to display anti-social behaviour2 fixed penalty notices issued for number plate offencesA number of other drivers were also stopped and given words of advice


Chief Inspector Chris Spellerberg, of the Roads Policing Unit, said: “We know these events can be of great concern to the local community due to the noise, anti-social behaviour and dangerous driving. The majority of car enthusiasts want to meet because they are passionate about their hobby, however as last night’s activity demonstrates there are a minority who cause disruption and put members of the public at serious risk.


“By travelling at extremely high speeds and under the influence of drugs, you could kill someone, including yourself. This behaviour is simply not acceptable.


“Hampshire Constabulary will not allow such behaviour to go unchallenged and we ask all drivers to act responsibly and drive safely. We will continue to take action, making use of available legislation which can include seizing vehicles, penalty notices, notifying insurance companies, dispersal notices or arrest and prosecution if necessary.


“We will review incidents and reports of anti-social or dangerous driving linked to car meetings, including mobile phone footage, footage from dash-cams and CCTV, and Body Worn Video footage from officers, to identify offences. Where there is evidence of offences, we will take further action.


“We would like to reassure our communities that we continue to proactively monitor information and intelligence, and work closely with partners and landowners.


“We would also remind organisers of events that they must seek permission of the landowner and the district or city council beforehand.”