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Hampshire Constabulary release statement regarding Southampton’s Maybray King Way speed cameras

Police are aware of public concerns around the fixed speed cameras on Maybray King Way in Southampton.

They would like to reassure the public that there is no technical fault with these cameras, and they are functioning to the approved standard.

All of the speed cameras undergo stringent testing measures to ensure they are fit for purpose before they are approved by the Home Office for use on public roads.

With this type of technology, there is always a margin for error.

However we have robust verification procedures in place to ensure that any excess speeds captured by the camera are validated by a team within the Summary Justice Unit to ensure that motorists are not incorrectly prosecuted.

There have been two occasions identified where, following the verification procedure, prosecutions were pursued incorrectly, and once this was realised the prosecutions were withdrawn.

Police are confident that the verification procedures we have in place work in filtering out any margin for error and there is no evidence to suggest that other motorists have been affected.

Speed cameras play an important role in reducing collisions and keeping our roads safer by ensuring that motorists are driving within safe limits.