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Portsmouth dentist crisis continues after {my}Dentist issues statement

Portsmouth dentist crisis continues after service provider reveals over 3,000 clinicians left following the covid pandemic


Service provider {my}dentist has issued a statement revealing the loss of over 3,000 NHS clinicians across the country due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.


It comes following parents concerns across Portsmouth who’s children have been affected and education has been impacted, after being unable to get emergency appointments across the city.


A number of children have been left to suffer in pain and lose important days of schooling, due to the dentist services being unable to provide emergency appointments.


Dentist services from across the country have been left crippled following the pandemic and lockdown restrictions,  which resulted in thousands of dentist clinicians quitting after being left unable to work.


A spokesperson for {my}dentist said:

“There is currently an acute shortage of dentists across the UK and, since the pandemic, more than 3,000 clinicians have given up practising NHS dentistry altogether. 


“We have experienced some of these shortages at our practices in Portsmouth and we are doing everything possible to recruit new clinicians to join the practice team.


“We would like to reassure patients that our NHS dentist team continues to provide daily emergency treatment for NHS patients.”


Residents across Portsmouth have said:

“Things need to be urgently done by the government to recover the loss these clinicians, unless a emergency plan is implemented fast the future of NHS dentistry is at serious risk of falling,

“With NHS service providers refusing to take on new patients, after being left over subscribed and under staffed something needs to be done urgently”


Portsmouth MP Stephen Morgan has been approached for comment on the issues Portsmouth residents are facing.