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YouTube video goes viral following spandex wearing police officer abusing member of the public’s rights

A Hampshire police officer is today under fire following a legal audit on Lymington police station that’s gone viral on YouTube

The channel Auditing By V visits police stations and documents his findings on the public funded buildings, on arriving at Lymington police station an officer was seen on his mobile phone with a police vehicle running.

Shortly after the auditor is approached by a male wearing a spandex cycling outfit holding a bodycam whi states he is not on duty, the officer now known as sergeant Gwyer is clearly in breaches if numerous police policies by using police equipment when not on duty. Video can been seen here https://youtu.be/Hjd_uAyg3vI

Viewers have taken to YouTube supporting the auditor after the local Neighbourhood Policing station in Lymington, refused to open the front counter and allow the auditor to make a formal complaint.

The station enquiry officer was also seem laughing and waving from behind a tinted window at the station, along with other numerous officers who clearly blanked the male and refused to assist him when asking when the station would be open.

Have you been victim to abuse from police officers we want to hear from you.