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Portsmouth dentist shock as children in pain refused treatments

Parents speak of their anger after being unable to get treatment for children suffering with dental problems


Children across Portsmouth are being refused emergency dental treatment due to a lack of appointments and poor leadership skills across the city.


MyDentist practices across the city are refusing to give emergency treatment and leaving children in pain for months, after being unable to allocate spaces for appointments due to a lack of dentists and back log of appointments.


This has meant many children have had their education missed, due to experiencing pain and discomfort being left unable to go to school until treatment can provided.


Parents across Portsmouth have said they feel that poor management skills within the practices are also to blame, after raising complaints with managers across the practices where calls are not returned and ignored.


Many parents have been told to call at 8.30am the following day to be told again they still cannot offer an appointment as they have no availability to offer.


This is a huge concern to families after having children suffering for several months, with many children getting reoccurring issues after being unable to he seen.


MyDentist has been approached for comment.